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Farm Fresh

Supporting your local economy by using locally sourced farm fresh organic when possible. This helps to maintain farmland, increase nutrient richness, and create a safer food supply.



Our packaging is 100% compostable, therefore eliminating pollution, and enhancing our ecosystem by using less energy and less water.


Less Packaging

Shipping food creates unnecessary packaging and waste, while decreasing flavor and nutrient content of food.


Save Time

Simply order your favorite meals and our highly trained chefs will design and deliver high quality, portioned meals to your door step on a weekly basis.


Seasonal Menu

Because we use locally sourced farm fresh organic when possible, our menu will change seasonally using fresh produce from that specific season.





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Do you need help tailoring your meals to achieve a goal? We can help. Fill in your information below and we will have a licensed dietician help you select your meals. Everyone's physique is different so the more information you provide, the more accurate we can assist you in achieving your goals.



Once your rewards are at or above 132 points, we can automatically apply 132 reward points for a $11.00 discount. Otherwise, if you prefer to not automatically apply your rewards, you can choose to apply your reward points on any order if and when you have 132 points or more.

Also, if you have reward points from any other competitor, we will honor and credit you one of their points for one AdaptLive reward point! Simply fill out a request here.

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